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Matt Citriglia MS

Matthew Citriglia is the Director of Wine Education for the East Region and cultivates the wine and spirits education programs. Matthew’s curriculums are tailored to help sales consultants develop commercial and consultative expertise.

Throughout Matthew’s forty-plus years of on and off-premise experience, he has earned numerous post-nominal initials from prestigious organizations, such as the Wine & Spirits Education Trust, Court of Master Sommeliers, Wine Scholar Guild, the Sake Professional Program, and many more. Matthew has great compassion for aspiring beverage professionals and spends considerable time mentoring and providing career advice. He is admired for his continual pursuit of excellence and respected for upholding core hospitality principles: to serve others with integrity and humility.

When Matthew is not selling or lecturing, he spends his time defying gravity on a yoga mat, hiking 14er’s, playing with his granddaughters, and drinking Champagne from a flute.

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